We all love to shop… but not for bras…

Some articles say up to 75% of us are wearing the wrong bra size…sigh… and if you are working out, loosing or gaining weight , nursing a baby or you feel your body is just changing… you need to re-fit your bra. My first encounter with having a bra fitting was comical…I was in the US for a shopping trip and went to one of the larger department stores specifically to get a few bras.  So the sales lady obliged and performed a bra fitting…I was in the wrong band and cup size. No surprise there… so she gave me the size range I should be looking for.  I left the fitting room and headed towards the nice pretty bra section, french laces, beautiful colours, pretty patterns….so much choice I was in heaven! Until I felt a tap on my shoulder, that very same lady with her glasses perched on the tip of her nose, scolded me like a school teacher and turned me towards the “full support” section… where there were no french laces, beautiful colours or pretty patterns.  I was not happy.  So I persevered and found 3 bras…that did not look and feel like armour.  

When it’s time for a fitting for any kind of outfit the first thing I ask is “Do you have your bra?”. Well guess what…no fitting can be completed or done properly without the undergarments you will be wearing. This could include bras, corsets, Spanx type of garments, body smoothers…etc. 

I’m going to focus on the bra. There are a multitude of problems that can happen without the correct bra being worn under that amazing outfit. Here are a few of the issues you may or may not have if you don’t have the right bra and the right size. 

-back “pudge”…those rolls of flesh pushing out from the back of your bra strap

-wrong cup size thereby overflowing the front and sides of your bra

-wrong cup style, do you need full coverage or a demi cup? A demi cup you just might fall out of!

-a beautiful lacy bra can lead to a very bumpy look on the outside of the garment

-straps that are too narrow do not have the ability to hold you in place

-do you need detachable straps? Sometimes I have covered bra straps with the same material as the dress…. a very helpful trick! 

-bra rides up your back

-too much cleavage, enough said, a minimizer might be in order

-technical for dressmakers, but the bra doesn’t place you in the right spot! You may be lifted too high or most likely you are hanging too low to be in line with the seaming of the dress. 

The bottom line is you need the bra to be comfortable, do the job and look good.   So here are a few suggestions for bra shopping…

-go without kids if possible

-be patient, you will find one

-you need time, so don’t go if you only have 15 minutes

-bring the special garment if you can

-ask for help, some stores have bra fitters

-get a bra fitting done

-don’t automatically go to the size you think you are, with each different brand and style you may be a different size 

-don’t always go to your old favourite, your next new favourite could be one box or hanger away

-my favourite trick it to wear a snug T-Shirt shopping. When you find each “maybe bra” try it on then place your T-Shirt back on. Do you like the lift, the shape it gives you, are you overflowing the cup on the side or middle? Can you see the seams or lace pattern through the clothing?  Have a critical look looking at the front, side and back view. 

Check out several different stores and see if there are any speciality stores in your area.  The larger department stores often have bra fitters on staff and available everyday, always ask!. The speciality stores are bound to be able to solve any problem you have.

Now that you have selected the right bra you are ready for your fitting… well except for your shoes!  

Happy shopping! 




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