…It is ‘you’ getting married, not the dress…

Who remembers the royal wedding of Diana Spencer and Prince Charles…? I do, it was the summer I graduated from high school. The wedding took place on July 29, 1981. I was 16. I was completely enamored with Lady Diana. What would she wear? How would she look? As a budding designer at that time I needed to be there to see what the world was seeing. I remember sitting on the edge of the couch completely engrossed in the TV. I was not disappointed…she was beautiful in every way. This anticipation was felt by the entire world. Media from all over the globe was in London to cover the event. It is estimated that it was broadcast to over 750 million people. Every detail was critiqued, scrutinized and marveled over. A spectacle it was!

Diana’s dress was amazing. It was made from ivory colored silk taffeta and antique lace. Encrusted with thousands of bugle beads, sequins, diamonds and pearls. The train was 25 feet long. So long it was said her father had a hard time fitting in the glass carriage with her. It was a lot of dress no doubt. Some say too much dress…I agree.

Brides young and old want to look beautiful on that special day. Who doesn’t? As I have said to many brides….”it is “you” getting married not the dress.” Sometimes the chosen design is just too much, too big and simply does not reflect the person wearing it.

When choosing your wedding or special occasion gown most people do not spend enough time thinking about how they want to feel in the dress or outfit. They see a dress in a magazine and have a hard time getting beyond that imagine. Typically, the image you see are of 5’9 models that are 110 lbs and the outfits are cinched in with clamps to fit them. Realistically if you have any shape at all (including a bust or hips), most of these dresses do not fit your body like shown in the picture. So knowing this, the best thing to do is to reflect on what has made you look good before!

If you are at the beginning of the journey to find the perfect dress or outfit may I suggest you consider a few things.

Take a look in your closet and pick out your favorite articles of clothing. It could be your favorite because of the fabric, the length, the color, the design or the cut. Try it on again to determine why it’s one of your favorite items and make note.

Take a picture of yourself or go back and look at pictures in certain outfits…what looked nice? If every time you wear a sweetheart neckline and you get a compliment then you know it looks good and is flattering.

How do you feel in that garment? Why does it feel comfortable? Does it flow over the hips the way you like? Do you feel pretty? Do you feel like your bust is concealed or enhanced with the design? I would like you to really consider this one. People will see if you are uncomfortable in the outfit…guaranteed.

What do you consider to be your biggest asset? Some people like their legs other like their back or cleavage. No point in having a dress that draws attention to the wrong part.

Your answers to the questions above will help guide you to be the best dressed. Keeping your answers in mind, now you can look at choosing an outfit or dress in a different way. One time a bride came to me with a picture of a very high-necked wedding dress. I asked that bride if she liked wearing turtlenecks? Her answer was “I never wear turtlenecks, I don’t like them.” I enquired as to why she would want a turtleneck-wedding gown if she really didn’t like high necks. The answer, she was attracted the picture but the picture really wasn’t her. We ended up making a dress with a completely different neckline that suited her much better.

I have several goals when I am designing a wedding gown for a bride or an outfit for a special occasion and you too can keep these things in mind.

Make sure their personality is reflected in the design. Sleek, whimsical, modern, classic etc.
-The design works with each person’s unique body shape.
-The dress must be comfortable to wear. Not too heavy, itchy or scratchy. Not too puffy or straight so they cannot walk. The outfit must feel like it was “meant to be”. Once that is achieved you will know that feeling.
-The dress must show off the assets. (See above)
-The dress fits perfect.
-The dress fits the occasion.
-Most importantly, the dress or outfit must not compete with the person wearing it. I want to see the Bride’s face first and foremost as she is the one getting married… not the dress.

Everyone can find the perfect outfit. By knowing what you like and what styles ‘like’ your body is extremely helpful while on that journey. Keep it simple with classic lines and remember the dress is just the largest accessory you have. People may remember you wore red but more importantly you want them to remember how confident and beautiful you looked, how radiant your smile was and the ease in which you owned the room. Take the time to discover your needs and wants to ensure you are the Best Dressed Bride!

Looking forward to hearing from you,


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