Oh the Stress …

Oh the stress…the stress of getting ready for anything. But combining Christmas and planning a wedding…what were we thinking?   

My husband and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary on December 22. So not only were we getting ready for Christmas, but we were running around getting all the last minute details taken care of for our wedding.  The wedding took place on a Sunday afternoon at our house in front of the Christmas tree.  It was beautiful.  My mom, Judge Gloria Harding, married us…this was extra special for sure! Our closest family and friends were in attendance. After the ceremony we had an open house for about 100 family and friends.  The weather was dry but crisp and people wore their best Christmas Attire…didn’t we all look smashing, the bridal party included. 

So let me tell you the story of trying to get ready for Christmas, plan a wedding, find something to wear (for myself and 2 daughters), find a caterer, decorate the house and so on… I hope you have a giggle because when I look back at it, I did all the things I would tell a bride not to do!  When I reminisce I can now giggle at it all.   

So I started with trying to find something for my two daughters (11 & 13 at the time) to wear.  For those of you who have teenage girls, you may remember the patience you need to find something that Mom will approve and the girls will actually wear. Well this is not an easy feat.  Let’s just say we spent many hours and trips to the mall to find something … after much debate, purchases were made…Success! They both looked smashing. Craig was easy, he rented a tux and he looked incredibly handsome, if I may say so!

Now, on to my own adventure. I was thinking “I have lots of time to do this!” I thought I knew what I wanted.  I secured a vintage pattern and was going to make a long red velvet dress.  One night, after trimming the tree, I proceeded to measure, cut and get the dress ready for a fitting.  When I tried it on I was so disappointed in how it fit and how I looked. I just stood there and cried…back to the drawing board!  Have I mentioned this was 3 days before the wedding?  I re-cut, re-jigged and re-stitched and re-imagined my dress. It took several tries to figure out I had to start over.  The dress idea was scrapped and it became as long red velvet skirt.  But I couldn’t go naked from the waist up.

So the next morning I headed into the mall to find that perfect top to complete my ensemble. It’s now 2 days before the wedding! What was I looking for? I had no idea but it had to work with a red velvet skirt.  If I walked a mile that morning I walked ten.  I started at one end of the mall and walked and walked. I searched through every rack in every store. I went in stores I have never shopped in before because you never know what I would find.  I bought several things at different stores as I was afraid if I didn’t get them right then and there I wouldn’t remember what was where and with my luck it would be sold when I went back to get it. On the last rack at the last store (because I still wasn’t thrilled with what I already bought) I found the perfect piece to complete my wedding ensemble…a relief to say the least. It was a very simple long sleeve fine gauge sweater with white marabou around the cuffs and neck.  It was exactly what I had in mind! Then I trekked back to all of the stores and returned everything else I had bought…hence my ten mile journey through the mall.  Needless to say the sales clerks were quite puzzled.

Finally a sense of relief, I had something to wear. I sat that night and stitched individual rhinestones around the cuffs and the hem of the sweater, just to give it a bit of sparkle.  A bit of be-dazzling wouldn’t hurt I thought.  The ‘ensemble’ came together and it was mentioned several times that I resembled a snow princess.  That was nice!

And as the old saying goes…My something new was my new snow princess top, my something old was my shoes, my something borrowed was a beautiful head piece from my friend Jackie and my something blue was my garter… all covered off!  

So the lesson learned here is plan well ahead.  Sometimes what you think looks great on you simply does not. Take the time to try on different styles and always have a backup plan. Fortunately for me it all came together with patience, a bit of luck and a good pair of walking shoes.  

The wedding was beautiful and it was a great day over all….despite the mascara running down my cheeks (always wear waterproof).  Hollilyn and Hannah, my daughters, were gorgeous and were the perfect bridesmaids. We were surrounded by family and friends which is exactly what we wanted.  A new family was formed… our first Christmas together. 

As we decorated our tree this past weekend I found several ornaments that were given to us that year and the beautiful star ornament we gave out to our guests. It is a nice reminder of our wedding and the wonderful family we have created.  

Happy Anniversary Craig… here’s to many more! 

Happy Holidays Everyone,






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