I just love January 1st! Another year to make new memories…

With only hours left to 2012 I sit here with a smile on my face for a few reasons. Lots of great things happened this past year that I am very grateful for. Our three daughters are thriving, healthy and happy. Our older girls have grown and blossomed. They are enjoying their lives as adults. Major milestones like graduating from college, getting their first apartment, securing employment, adopting a cat and having a baby are a few of their highlights. Our youngest, now 9, is having as much fun as a 9 year old can have. Swimming, dance, piano and a new found love for the violin keeps her busy… I just love the having all of the little girl stuff around again…sparkles, nail polish and the shoes!

This year brought us a new little girl to love. Hollilyn, our oldest daughter, gave birth to a beautiful little girl. Our granddaughter Chloe Isabella will turn 1 year old in January. Yes I’m a Nana, Craig is Poppy and Grace and Hannah are Aunts… a new world for us all. What a delight she is! In 2012 our family was fortunate enough to travel lots, continue our wonderful friendships and make some new ones and celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

January 1 is special to me. My house gets cleaned, a new semester starts (I still think in semesters!), my new calendar gets populated with birthdays and special events and I start planning projects I would like to do this year. My goal in January is to organize my sewing room. This will help get me ready for the upcoming bridal season. The phone will start ringing from soon to be brides asking questions about wedding gowns, veils, alterations, etc. My sewing room will be a sea of white and ivory tulle, silk and satin. Even though I don’t sew full time anymore I still love creating that one of a kind wedding gown. Every stitch is a labor of love. My favorite part of making a wedding gown is watching the brides face light up when she tries it on. The relationship you build is amazing and when the wedding day comes I know I have contributed to their day in a special way. What a nice feeling!

Grace and Craig gave me a very thoughtful and unexpected Christmas present this year…it was a beautiful blown glass wedding gown for our tree. I was touched that they thought of me when they saw it and knew what it would mean to me. As I held it in my hands I thought of the wedding gowns I have made over the years and those smiles on the brides faces. I will continue to make wedding gowns, a few each year, those brides will have beautiful gowns…made just for them! I look forward to the day I make my daughters and granddaughters wedding gowns…every stitch a true labor of love.

Happy New Year and I hope each and every one of you make wonderful memories in 2013.

Keep smiling,


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