It’s all in the details as they say…every glass bead, every pearl and every crystal I have sewn on has created the most beautiful wedding gowns for the most beautiful brides…it’s been 26 years of dreaming, designing, stitching and creating the “dare to dream” dresses for each and every bride. After studying costume design for theatre and fine art, I embarked on a long career as a bridal wear designer. While most people shy away from the beads, silks and chiffon…I sought out the unique fabrics and combined them to make distinct looks. I know a thing or two about the gown, the look and the shape…it’s the finishing …”the icing on the cake” so to speak, is my passion!

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Carolanne – Congrats on your Blog – enlightening “read” – just as creative and detailed as you!!! I create Wedding Cakes and can truly identify with what you are saying. I will ‘stay tuned’
    and look forward to more great reading!! 🙂 Gail M. Johnson, Cake Creations by Gail – off to shop for a BRA………….xo Gail

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